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Bookshelf Tour 2

Okay, and here we continue our tour of the next bookshelf.




This is the top shelf of the next shelf. Now, if you notice to the right there are two volumes of the NICNT series there that were on the other top shelf, well, they were just moved there today before this picture was taken and after the other was taken to make room in my shuffling around for Barnhouse’s Romans set that arrived today. That’s why. Charnock got bumped up to the top and will soon be replaced with the NICNT volumes after I get by volume on Deuteronomy back and the ones on Hebrews and 1 & 2 Thessalonians arrive.



This is the second shelf, this one contains some more commentaries, Henry, Poole, Spurgeon, Hughes, Sproul and a one-volume MacArthur NT.








This shelf houses the MacArthur, Lloyd-Jones, Piper, Driscoll and Sproul titles that I have, as well as Boettner, Washer and J. I. Packer. Getting kinda full.







This is some more fiction, and will probably soon have to be shuffled or double stacked with another shelf to make more room for theology and commentary books. But here resides Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Jeffery Deaver’s new addition to the 007 franchise, ad some of my Ted Dekker.






Lastly, the final mix-mash shelf. This contains all manner of fiction and such, it is double stacked of tall softcovers and mass market paperbacks, you can see there’s some more Koontz, King, as well as some Crichton, and some other odds and ends. Notable is Dante’s Inferno in the left hand side.




And so, aside from a few books and Bibles I have on a shelf above my desk, those are my bookshelves so far. I have a few more books coming (as always) and hope to keep building up my library steadily. Thanks for reading!


Bookshelf Tour 1

So, I haven’t posted here in awhile, and due to a certain Elizabeth Altenbach’s post, I have been inspired to post a bookshelf tour. I just built these shelves and this is what is currently occupying them. I still have some books loaned out to get back though…


Top shelf is a some commentary and theology reference material.







Second shelf has some Spurgeon, Wuest’s work, an ESV Study Bible, Charnock and Stott.








The fourth one down has the Tozer, some Leiter, MacArthur, Augustine’s massive City of God, and some other odds and ends.








This one has some various biographies and theology.









Lastly here’s the bottom shelf of thiscase, which is mostly hardcover fiction and some overflow which is double stacked.

Okay, in the next. Thanks for reading! post I’ll show the other set of shelves and the books on them.








What To Read This Month?

How about you take the time to read a most awesome book by a most awesome author who has already produced one spectacular novel this year (see my review here) and again seeks to give us readers the pleasure of perusing the pages of her work with the latest from J. Grace Pennington. A novel simply called, Never.

Travis Hamilton never expected to be a killer. One day he was studying to become a schoolteacher in the little western town of Spencervale, and the next he was sentenced to ten years hard labor in the Dead Mines outside town — from which few return alive.

Ross Hamilton is no detective. But when his brother is convicted of murder, he has no choice but to abandon his ranch and do all in his power to find out just what happened the night of the killing, and who is really responsible.

Neither brother is prepared to be stretched and tested to his limits and beyond by an adventure that is much bigger than either of them ever imagined.

But in the next few days, they will be. The only way to survive is to never compromise.


Okay, you stoked yet? So am I. I am not one typically for a lot of historical fiction with a few exceptions, but I truly do really like the sound of this one. Know it for sure this has instantly made my TBR. So, why don’t you try to hunt down a copy soon? (like November 23rd?) To keep track of this, why don’t you check out Grace’s website at and make sure you’re up to date with the latest on this novel and further offerings from this budding author’s pen.

You gonna check it out? I hope so.

Not Alone – RED


A song that’s helped me out a lot in some dark spots.

I Have A Shelter

Jesse Cook – Ocean Blue

Just found this on the JesseCookHQ YouTube channel, it’s from his upcoming album, The Blue Guitar Sessions. First single released, and it is indeed excellent. Last I saw the album will be out September 25th.


Rise – Hans Zimmer

In celebration of the new movie coming out, I thought I’d share with you one of the best pieces of music I have heard in a long time off of The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack, (which Corey Poff in his very persuasive review convinced me to buy) “Rise” by Hans Zimmer. The last track of the album, and truly an epic piece of music.


Book Review: Firmament: Radioalloy – J. Grace Pennington

If you are a sci-fi fan of any sort, or a reader of fine Christian novels, then there is one that I highly recommend you get your hands on. The debut novel of Grace Pennington, Firmament: Radialloy—part one of an eighteen book series that follows the second medicalofficer aboard the ship Surveyor in the year 2320.

Andi Lloyd has lived with her caretaker, Doctor Lloyd, as long as she can remember. Having been in space for half her life, the Surveyor has become her home. All was well—until one day her home is threatened. Secrets from her past—a past that she can’t remember—begin to emerge and suddenly her world is shaken.  Suddenly the doctor is taken ill with a mysterious disease that is slowly causing him to lose his mind, mutiny breaks out and on all sides she is surrounded by people who are after something not even she knows about: the deepest secret from her past. In the face of this, Andi must solve the mystery of her past and save the doctor—but time is running out.

For all the sci-fi books out there, you probably know the plot and ending of most of them. Typically they are shallow and only filled with relentless action and very little character—Pennington breaks that mold completely with her new series. She instead builds this fantastic cast of characters that make up the ship Surveyor,  from the Doctor, Andi, Crash, Guilders, Captain Trent, and August, each one makes a unique impression as you read, fleshing out this futuristic world of starship travel. But probably one of the most impressive parts of this novel is that it has a detailed and layered plot.

This is not a mindless romp into space—it’s  a mystery, and a darn good one. As each little piece comes to light (bit by bit, so it keeps you riveted) the story begins to unfold, and grow more captivating with each new discovery—sure to keep you fixed until you finish it.

As a self-professed Trekkie, Pennington operates in that familiar and interesting environment with a bit of a twist: a faith-based worldview. One of the most interesting aspects of this plot is not just the mutiny, or the mystery of Andi Lloyd’s past—but her struggle to get through it by leaning on her faith. This is something missing from the great majority of Christian fiction in our day, and one that has enriched this book so much. Andi’s interaction with God, and the reality of her faith is in a way part of the backbone of the book, because it’s also the backbone of the main character. She stands in the face of danger only by her faith in God. Though her faith is challenged in the book, it is not really shaken—and it is not in vain, for God is always faithful—He never forgets His own.

Author Grace Pennington

So, as a sci-fi fan myself, and as a particular admirer of the Battlestar Galactica, and Star Trek (TNG, but don’t hold that against me) variety, this series fell right into my favorite side of the sci-fi genre—but as a reader and as a Christian this definitely hit home with me. Highly enjoyable characters, smart dialogue, intriguing writing and a plot that burns with mystery and faith makes this book is for sure a winner and I highly anticipate the sequel in this already “out of this world” series.

Buy it here. (click the link)

Film Review: Lockout (2012)

Starring: Guy Pearce, Maggie Grace

Directors James Mather, Stephen St. Leger
Wrongly accused government agent Snow, (Pearce) has been sentenced to thirty years of stasis—imprisonment in this futuristic world—for a crime that he did not commit and the only hope of proving his innocence is missing. In the meantime, the President’s daughter Emilie (Grace) is going aboard an orbital prison on a humanitarian mission—when everything goes wrong. One prisoner overpowers his guards and sets the rest of the prisoners free: all 500 of them.

In order to save his daughter, the President accepts the plan of one of his advisors—send in one man who can get her out alive: Snow, who also has found that the one key to proving his innocence is aboard that prison. What follows is over an hour of action and wisecracks, from zero-g fistfights, to massive gunfights, everything the action movie doctor ordered…

…however it’s probably not what you wanted to see. This movie is filled with tons of almost over-the-top action, and is loaded with some great lines from Pearce’s character, (amidst some really bad ones) but that’s really about it. In short this movie is kinda fun…but only kinda.

It couldn’t really decide what kind of movie it wanted to be. It was a comedic action movie that was trying to be a serious one, or it was a serious one that was trying to be funny—in the long run, it didn’t really work out either way.

The acting was marginal, but only marginal. The chemistry between Grace and Pearce was kind of weak, and occasionally you’re not sure how they feel about each other (which may have been the point, I’m unsure.) The best acting really was on the part of Joseph Gilgun, who played a psychopathic inmate.

Content wise, for the kids this is a no-go. This film was peppered with language all around, while to it’s credit only using one “f” word, it is filled with all other manners of profanity ranging from the high line to mild. And need I mention sexuality? Yes. There is some suggestive dialogue in a few instances throughout the film, granted, typically it’s one of Snow’s wisecracks. Thankfully there are no sex scenes—though the dialogue might be enough for some people.

Violence is very pervasive throughout. (This is an action movie, remember?) It ranges from basic gunfire, a stabbing, and a fight in a zero-g shaft. All marginal by most standards, but for some people this may be too much. It’s pretty much typical fare for a film of its kind.

All in all though, I’m not sure quite how I feel about this movie. It was so marginal that I’m not sure if I can like it, but with the clever sarcasm from Snow I’m not sure if I can totally dislike it. I guess I’m kind of neutral on it. What I can say is that it should have been done better, and it could have been—if only the directors had been sure of what movie they wanted to make. However, this was an at times fun, at others predictable, fairly unoriginal film—but it was worth the dollar I paid to see it. Due to the content issues, some may refuse to watch it, and I can’t say that’s a bad decision. If you plan to see it, don’t get your hopes up too high and you should be fine.

Three stars.

I’m A Baconist

Bacon Calvinism

A friend showed this to me, and it’s great.